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Recording at a recording studio is different from recording at home. If it’s your first time recording in a studio, it might be a bit nerve-wracking but we got you. We will give you 5 tips on how to get ready for the first recording session. 

  1. Be Prepared, know your lines by head.

To get the best results out of a recording session, you have to be more than ready so that you don’t bore engineers with multiple retakes which will also lower down your confidence. The more ready you are, the better your song will sound and the engineer will like you. Time is money, more the less time you take, the more money you save. It’s free to rehearse in your room but it’s not free to rehearse in a recording studio. Be smart;)

2. Make sure your files are ready

Make sure that your beat files are ready in a flash stick or email. Name the file accordingly. Sending files through WhatsApp can compress the quality and also make the files hard to find so always try to avoid that.

3. Arrive on time.

You don’t want to be wasting your energy running to the studio because you are 10mins late. Always get to the studio 15mins before so you can get familiar with the and the engineer. You can use this time to send the files to the engineer so when your hour starts, it’s just recording. 

4. Understand the cost

Recording studios have different packages, mostly arranged per hour. Make sure that you know exactly which package you are booking because if you book for a 30minute package and you surpass the time by 10mins, it could cost you a couple of hundreds. We have made sure that our prices are packaged in a way that you don’t really need to know studio terminology to understand, see  here 

5. Have a reference song

If it’s the first time visiting a studio or working with a certain producer, it is advised to provide the producer with a reference track. A reference track is a song that you would like your song to sound like in terms of production (Mixing and mastering). This will also save you revision costs as the engineer will know what you want from the start. 

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